Bask In His Presence

Jesus is near but why do we choose to not draw nigh? If Jesus is near lets be perfectly clear the time is now. When we decide to let him in, give him our whole hearts that is when and only when we can begin to live the life of abundance he always attended for us to have.


I envision God standing on the other side of the wall we have built asking us to let him in. Reminding us of the love he has for us but for some reason we still won’t let him in.

You cry, your frustrated, confused but you still haven’t let him in. All Jesus wants to do is come in. I hope God uses this poem to reach those who are struggling with letting him in so they can find rest for their souls once and for all.

Don’t “Let It Be” !

I use to ignore God, I use to not be sensitive to his voice, I use to harden my heart after indulging in sin and I was so ashamed of my sin that I had convinced myself that God didn’t love me anymore.

That all of a sudden he just stop loving me because I messed up or slipped up when that is not true at all. He loves me enough to help me back to where I need to be. Don’t ignore what God is tugging you to be pay attention to. If you having issues on your celibacy journey, if your having issues staying pure or keeping your mind right this message for you.

Carita Williams Blog Feature- “God WILL Fill the Void!”

“There is no perfect love. God is the only one who can fill the void.” –Carita Williams   Acceptance, abandonment, and self-esteem issues were all real challenges, that created a void of emptiness, in Carita Williams life. These issues were deeply rooted wounds that the Holy Spirit urged her to uproot, acknowledge and confront.  Searching…

A Submissive Heart

Have you submitted to God’s will? If you haven’t does that mean you don’t love Jesus? Let’s address the hard questions by seeking God for answers!

I hope and pray you are blessed by my transparency and that something resonates with you enough to rattle you to action! I Love You!

Your Voice Matters -Blogging 101

Are you a new blogger? Are you already a blogger but need encouragement? This blog post is just for you! Gain a fresh new perspective on blogging because your voice really does matter!

Mid-week Self-Reflection: Buried Emotions

To bury something is to completely cover it up. This post is titled buried emotions because I recently discovered that my buried emotions came in the form of unforgiveness.

This post is filled with transparency and self-reflection. Encouraging all to rid their hearts of unforgiveness.

I Can’t Afford A Disconnect

This blog post is not the typically blog post because I felt led to encourage you as I encourage myself. So I pray something resonates with you and allows you to speak life over your situation and get through this week with a story of victory! Victory is mine!

The Fear of Failure #ExcusesGotToGo

I am trying to break new ground! I am trying to be my best everyday! I can’t do that and you can’t do that if you let fear consume you! This is you season to let go and let God! It is time for you to start walking in your purpose!

The Excuses GOT to GO!

“All Excuses Are Nailed to The Cross!” -Porchia L. Ifill   STOP AND THINK TUESDAY Often, we wait for the perfect moment to start this and that. Maybe it is an assignment God has given us that we don’t think we have enough money to complete? But hold up, isn’t that the point of exercising…

Will You Say YES?

There are so many things that choke us from ever saying “Yes” to God. Our own lust, our own sins and distractions create short circuits in our spiritual growth that lead to us not only not hearing from God but they prohibit us from answering the call! I hope you enjoy this latest addition to RAW Poetry, “Will You Say Yes!”