The words and the language we use not only have a effect on others but they effect us to. What words do you need to get out of your vocabulary? Do the words in your vocabulary illustrate God’s love? It is time to stop and set aside this time to really think and self-reflect.

Hebrews 10:6 KJV

“For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins.”

It is not enough to know better and not do better….#SpeakLife

God Have Your Way In My Life

What do you desire from the Lord? I desire his will for my life and nothing else. When we say that we often need to ask ourselves and check ourselves to determine if we really mean that. Do our actions reflect that we want God’s will for our life. Or have we made it a bad habit to take matters into our own hands. Have we instead of looking unto God , Leaned and trusted our own understanding instead of viewing God as the source and everything else as just a resource! Think about it, but while you do, check out this prayer I wrote just for you.

The Encounter

The Encounter speaks to my personal experience I have had with depression and battling suicidal thoughts.

Describing the day my relationship with Jesus started . Read about how I began this journey. You never know you might read something that you will need later on. My job is to encourage you as I encourage myself.
Love You!

The Calling

I am so happy I am able to celebrate National Poetry Month with my readers! This will be my poem of the month! One of the pieces I am most proud of, I thank God for the pain, the suffering and the hurt because they were a recipe for a beautiful testimony! Check Out My Latest Poem, “The Calling”!

Running On Empty

Check out my latest addition to RAW POETY, “Running On Empty”! DO YOU HAVE FAITH?

Often we run this race but we don’t check what our meter says on our faith tank. It is possible to run out of faith, it is possible to have no faith and it is possible to acquire faith. Go with me on a journey to understanding the value and importance of having faith!

How to Free Yourself from the Opinions Of Others

I thank God for establishing this Divine Connection with Jay Mayo. I learned so much and gained so much understanding and wisdom on this journey and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to share my testimony. Break every chain that is holding you back, learn to free yourself from the opinions of others with me and Jay Mayo! It’s gonna be good so subscribe to his podcast and get upcoming episodes.

Is Your Mind Made Up?

Have you ever been in a place where the devil made you look like a fool? You slipped up made a mistake, or maybe you haven’t decided who you want to live for. I am here to ask you that thought provoking question, Is your mind made up?

Part 5 -Dear God Series #Celebrating Celibacy

I am sad that the series had to come to a end but I enjoyed writing this series and I hope you benefited from reading this series. Part 5 wraps up the last of my insights as I have finally gotten my head on tight but of course the devil brings Mr.Good Guy with a ribbon wrapped around him. A man of my dreams lol Read to see how I dealt with the pressure.

Part 4- Dear God Series #Celebrating Celibacy

Part 4 goes into detail of my first year of college and the struggles I faced trying to be close to God in a dorm room full of strangers, trying to stay on a celibacy journey. This Part also includes suggested resource materiel that I have actually read to help you on your journey. Enjoy!

Part 3- Dear God Series #Celebrating Celibacy

Part 3 of the Dear God Series # Celebrating Celibacy takes you on a journey of some of the mistakes I have made along the way as it relates to boundaries and standards. I hope you enjoy. Be blessed, thank God for another blog post.

Part 2-Dear God Series #Celebrating Celibacy

Celebrating celibacy this month in my “Dear God Series” has made me realize how it is so important for us to keep growing in general. Self-reflection, transparency and being honest with ourselves is all apart of the process. Check out Part 2 of the series available now !

Part 1-Dear God Series # Celebrating Celibacy

Deciding to embark on a celibacy journey is never easy. Check out some of the insights and refreshing conversations I have had with God along my journey. You are in for a treat. Part 1 is available now !