Mid-week Self-Reflection: Buried Emotions

To bury something is to completely cover it up. This post is titled buried emotions because I recently discovered that my buried emotions came in the form of unforgiveness.

This post is filled with transparency and self-reflection. Encouraging all to rid their hearts of unforgiveness.

I Can’t Afford A Disconnect

This blog post is not the typically blog post because I felt led to encourage you as I encourage myself. So I pray something resonates with you and allows you to speak life over your situation and get through this week with a story of victory! Victory is mine!

The Fear of Failure #ExcusesGotToGo

I am trying to break new ground! I am trying to be my best everyday! I can’t do that and you can’t do that if you let fear consume you! This is you season to let go and let God! It is time for you to start walking in your purpose!

The Excuses GOT to GO!

“All Excuses Are Nailed to The Cross!” -Porchia L. Ifill   STOP AND THINK TUESDAY Often, we wait for the perfect moment to start this and that. Maybe it is an assignment God has given us that we don’t think we have enough money to complete? But hold up, isn’t that the point of exercising…

Will You Say YES?

There are so many things that choke us from ever saying “Yes” to God. Our own lust, our own sins and distractions create short circuits in our spiritual growth that lead to us not only not hearing from God but they prohibit us from answering the call! I hope you enjoy this latest addition to RAW Poetry, “Will You Say Yes!”


I am just a woman who wants to be closer. Taking the time, investing into getting to know Jesus a little bit better Then I knew him yesterday… Check out my New Blog Post , “I FINALLY KNOW WHO I AM! “


There are many ways you can disown Jesus, have you ever found your self ashamed to be a believer? I have. Nothing I am proud of but God has showed me the many flaws I have in order for me to not only be aware but put in the work to fix the deficiencies.

I can say now on this day March 29th, 2017 that God has helped me learn so much about myself. Has guided me as I have put in the work and I am no longer ashamed of Jesus. I can freely lift my hands in worship without caring what others think. I can talk about him in Ubers. I can smile knowing that I am not ashamed of the God I serve. I am happy to follow him.

It is a process and I know that I will be continued to be tested in this area but in my weakness his strength is made perfect. It is a beautiful thing when you decide to truly follow Jesus with every fiber in your being.

Don’t disown your first love!…
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Soul Searching

What’s your faith assignment? I recently went through a period in my academic journey where my faith in God was put to the test. In the process I discovered so much about myself and how much I often don’t trust God even though I know that he is more than able to provide for me. Check out my story!

It’s OKAY to Say, “NO”.

Have you ever put pressure on yourself because you felt like you “Should” do and be what everybody wants? I am learning how to say “NO” if you struggle with saying it too this post is written just for you!

Déjà vu

#COLLEGE STUDENT STRUGGLES   Déjà vu   Urban Dictionary Definition Déjà vu (French for “Already Seen”)- “Used to describe the strange feeling you get when you’re in a situation and feel like you’ve been in the exact same situation before, but really haven’t.”   I am sitting in my room trying to find the words…

Teach Me How to Love

“Christ is merely a means  to escape hell. When we’re no longer scared, Christ no longer relevant-our encounter with him was not based on love for him.” -Caleb Seifu Background When reading today, “Comfortable Christianity: Examining Hypocrisy Through the Eyes of a Hypocrite.” I kept rereading the statement mentioned above and what came to mind…