It won’t be easy !


I was inspired the other night during intimate time with God to write this poem after struggling creatively for a while now. As I encourage myself I encourage my Destined For Greater Family! 

Poem Title: “It won’t be easy!” 

Who told you it would be easy?

Carrying a cross as a believer  can sometimes get heavy

But it is definitely not easy 


It is not popular 

It is even harder,  when your broke


Not one cent to your name

Not one job will callback 


When it seems like there is no hope 

Faith is what will keep your head up


Get your jacked up posture in tact!


Who told you it would be easy? 


Trusting someone you don’t see isn’t easy 

Allowing your will to die to serve the fathers 

Is not easy 


It is not easy because  our flesh says,  

I want my way 

I don’t want to pray today 

I don’t want to fast today 

I don’t want to grow today 

I don’t want to do right today 

I can’t forgive today 

I can’t be mature today 

I can’t encourage someone today 

I can’t read the word today 

I can’t give my time today 

I can’t be the better person today 

I want my name to be great 

But we can’t receive the promise 

If we don’t  do it his way 


Who told you it would be easy? 

It will never be easy 

You may know a lot about him and still doubt him 


What makes serving the father worth it? 

Knowing that God sees everything 

Knowing that God’s love never fails 

He loves all of his creation 

He wants to know if you will still 

Be consistent if you never 

Receive another blessing 


Will you be grateful & thankful 

For what you have 

Or be focused on what you desire so bad 

You miss the opportunity to be 

A good steward 


It will never be easy. 

Who told you it would be easy?


I thank you Jesus for giving me insight to give my readers nourishment for their mind, body and soul. Rest kings and queens of the most high, soaking in the fact that God’s got us! You are Destined For Greater!

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