Unanswered Questions Series -Part 3 -Direction: “What path do I take?”


What path do I take?

Have you ever sat back and wondered how you are suppose to get to where you want to be? Today I will share 3 points that will help you discover what path you should take for career and personal life! This tips have worked for me and I pray something you read inspires you to start your own journey today! 

Point #1 Praying & Identifying your options! 

You may notice that often I suggest in my blog posts to pray. Prayer is important because it is a form of communicating and spending time with your father. If having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ is a priority to you then you must pray. I personally like to pray when I go on walks by myself because I feel like I am walking and talking with Jesus.

Everyone’s relationship with the father will not look the same. You have to take the time to discover and determine how you display your love to your father. 

Through prayer and self-reflection you can identify your options. I suggest you get a pen and some paper and write down the following:

  1. What I like to do ….
  2. What I love do …..
  3. I am passionate about doing…

Once you create your list for every category, you will begin to narrow down what really catches your interest and what area you should put some more energy into discovering what could be your calling. Look into opportunities to explore that area of interest. Pray, during the process that God will lead and guide you along the way. When God will lead and guide you along the way. When God leads you and helps you along the way it is easier for you to keep going without outside distractions.

Point #2 Common Assumptions 

“ I have to take the path my parents took !”

You are allowed to take a different path simply because you’re a different person with different interests. In God’s eyes you are unique, create your own path. 

You have to know what you want at a early age !”

Some people do know exactly where they want to be. Some people have an idea of the path they want to take. Some people have no idea at all. What’s important is that you acknowledge where you currently are in life and accept it. Don’t feel pressured but enjoy the journey to discovery. 

“You can only be one thing in life !”

This statement is false. You can be multiple things at once, you don’t have to just wear one hat or be in just one specific career path if you don’t want to be. You can juggle multiple, you can specialize or you can change your mind mid way. You will never be able to reach your full potential if you never decide to take the limits off. What do I mean by “take the limits off”? 

Don’t limit what God can use you to do and don’t hinder your own growth by believing there is only one thing you can do well. God has blessed many of us with multiple gifts; you don’t have to be afraid to let your light shine. 

Follow God's lead

Point # 3 Allow God to order your steps

I would wonder as a child what people meant when they said, “Allow God to order your steps,” growing up in church. As an adult I know now what that actually looks like. It basically means don’t do things in your own strength, instead of telling God, “Hey, this is what I am going to do with my life and my pain.” Hand your life and your pain over to God and let him get the glory through you. I decided a few years ago I wanted to be a willing vessel for my father to use, I wanted to stop resisting and submit to his will and plan for my life. 

Once you submit and realize you don’t have to have it all figured out, you will find it is easier to follow God’s lead when you make up in your mind to trust him.

For a long time I lived in fear and I was afraid. I would worry and cry, the same routine but then I realized my method wasn’t working, nothing was changing. I started to pray more to my father and allow him to take control of my situation so that I can relieve the anxiety and stress I was experiencing in private. 

Porchia Suber sign

 I thank you Jesus for giving me insight to give my readers nourishment for their mind, body and soul. Rest kings and queens of the most high, soaking in the fact that God’s got us! You are Destined For Greater!


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