Your growing even if you don’t know it!

The other day I was brought back to a memory I had when I brought my first Aloe Vera plant. I left out of Walmart with the biggest smile on my face because aloe Vera plants are hard to find!  I wanted to start working on my own home made hair mask to help my hair grow using Aloe Vera juice from the plant. This plant was pretty small and the leaves were very small and fragile but I really wanted it. My Aloe Vera plant was my baby and I was going to help it grow big, beautiful and full of aloe Vera juice. 

It wasn’t till after I brought it that it occurred to me that I didn’t know how to take care of this type of plant properly. I decided to do some research and realized how special Aloe Vera plants are. They can’t be directly in the sun like other plants and you don’t water them as often. I started to ask myself if they don’t require what a typically plant requires…

Does that mean it will be harder for the Aloe Vera to grow? 

The answer is no, that doesn’t mean it’s harder for this type of plant to grow. This plant has a unique process that it must go through in order to flourish. To become the healthy and strong plant is is capable of being. To be able to give us all the rich juice and healing it has to offer us.

This plant reminds me of our growth in life as we are on our own individual journeys. Sometimes we convenience ourselves we aren’t making progress when we are. Appearances can be deceiving but time will tell how far you’ve come. 

God loves you and there is nothing you can do to ever change that! In my grandma voice, “Keep Growing Baby !” 


I thank you Jesus for giving me insight to give my readers nourishment for their mind, body and soul. Rest kings and queens of the most high, soaking in the fact that God’s got us! You are Destined For Greater!


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