Unanswered Questions Series -Part 4 -Purpose: “How do I walk in my purpose?”



“How do I walk in my purpose?”



“The reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.”


When I think about the word purpose and the idea of “Walking in your purpose.”  I think about destiny, I think about serving others and a higher calling than just working a 9-5.There is nothing wrong with working a job whether it be full-time, part-time or on call. We all need to have food in our belly, clothes on our back and coins in our pocket lol. 

What if I told you there is more in store for you! That your mind wouldn’t even be able to comprehend the plans God has for you, would you believe me? 

There are so many stories in the Bible where ordinary people were able to do extraordinary things because God’s hand was on their life. God used people to display his healing power, uplift his people, help deliver people and provide for his people. None of the people he used for a greater purpose were perfect which means you are not required to be either. God created each and every last one of us for a reason. The more we draw closer to him the closer we get to discovering why we were put on this earth! 


Point #1 Pray

Prayer allows you to spend quality time with your father. When you pray you open the door for communication to flow, you open the door for vulnerability and for God to reveal things to you about your purpose. He may have an assignment for you so keep your ears open. 

In my experience God either shows us a path or reveals bits and pieces of his plan slowly. I’ve personally never received the big picture for my life from God  ( example: asking God where will I be in 30 years)  and I never ask him to reveal it to me. I say this because I’m okay with things happening in his timing and I don’t want to be overwhelmed and I’m not in a rush. I am a firm believer that slow and steady wins the race, so I don’t need to be anxious. 

Remain humbly at the feet of Jesus and he will direct your path when you decide to submit to his will.


Point #2 Discern Spiritual & Natural Gifts 

I believe that God can help you determine what you specialize in. It helps to know what you like, love and are passionate about. Spiritual and natural gifts are important because they play a major role in helping you walk in your purpose. You should see them as the tools that help you get the job done. 


Spiritual gifts: Serving, teaching, encouraging “exhortation”, giving, leadership, mercy, word of wisdom, word of knowledge, faith & more 

Natural gifts: writing, acting, singing, dancing, photography etc. 


Point #3 Intentionally Give Your Time 

Once you discover what your purpose is or have an idea of what it is, you may ask yourself, “What do I do now?” Start intentionally making time to walk in your purpose. It does not do you any good to keep what you have on the inside of you all to yourself. 

When God revealed to me my assignment with my gifts I hesitated. I did not know how to walk boldly because I was afraid of what others thought about me. Eventually through prayer and working on my weaknesses I was able to overcome my fears and doubts about my own ability. What I will say is that it helps to stay in tune with God. 

Story time

Story Time 

I remember my first open mic! I was so nervous, I was on a big stage in high school by myself. My nerves got so bad, I was sweating real hard and I just wanted to leave the stage. I believe God told me to take off my glasses ( he knows I’m blind without them). Everybody now looked like little black balls of fuzz and I wasn’t as nervous anymore. I started to recite my poem and get into character. The first poem I ever memorized was, “ I too sing America” by Langston  Hughes ( One of my favorite poets). As I was reciting the poem I started to get more comfortable, move around the stage and freely express the words to the poem. The more I moved my nerves just slid off me and was replaced with excitement and passion. I started to hear the confidence in my voice and couldn’t recognize myself. I ended the poem with a powerful punch with my tone as I began to stand up  straight putting my glasses back on and with my head held high I said my last line, “I too,.. sing America.” 


From that day forward I have allowed my father to take the lead, when I’m afraid and even when I’m not. There is an overflow peace attached to his presence. My father is my strength in my weakness. 


In my grandma voice, “Don’t be timid, let your light shine baby !” 


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 I thank you Jesus for giving me insight to give my readers nourishment for their mind, body and soul. Rest kings and queens of the most high, soaking in the fact that God’s got us! You are Destined For Greater!

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Do Not Die Bitter

Listen to me read my poem (New Podcast “Speak Up”): https://anchor.fm/porchia-suber/episodes/Poem-Do-Not-Die-Bitter-By-Porchia-Suber-eu38l1

4/1/2021 3:34PM 25 years old


Poem: Do Not Die Bitter


I believe sometimes

God speaks to us in our dreams

My dream was a terrible dream

A dream where I was in the arms of a

Loved one

Gasping for air,

Tears running like waterfalls

Down from my eyes

Because in my mind I know I am not ready to die


This loved one was holding me tight

that dark night in his arms

I felt safe, but too scared to relax

The end was near and I knew it

I tell him as I begin to lose every ounce of breath from my body

But death did not hit me in that moment, not just yet


As the time passes everything moves slow

But death appears to come so fast

I am bleeding bad,

holes all over body for every human I chose not to forgive

but then there was the biggest whole of them all

the one that was an inch away from my heart

that hole was called bitterness

and I look at my loved one in the eyes

And say, “Tell her I forgive…”


Then I die right there in my loved one’s arms

My loved one kisses me goodbye

But his mind is confused, and his heart is torn

Filled with various emotions you could hear the distress in his

Cries as he says, “Why?”

(She could not let it go)

He screams again, “Why?”

(She could not move past it)

This time again with his face drenched with tears, “Why?”

(She would not allow herself to heal)


He leaves his loved one, knowing there was nothing

He could do to remove the pain, his love could not cover up or makeup for

The deep-rooted issues of her heart


Do not die bitter




Definitions & Scripture Suggestions


“A strong feeling that makes you want to hurt someone or be unpleasant because of something unfair or unkind that has happened”

(Read-Hebrews 10:30 , Ephesians 4:26



“Someone who is bitter is angry and unhappy because they cannot forget bad things that happened in the past”

(Read Ephesians 4:31-32 )



“Not willing to forgive people for things they do wrong”

(Read: Proverbs 28:13, Ephesians 4:32,)


Meditate on the following scripture: Hebrews 12:14-15 NIV

“14 Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. 15 See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.


This poem was an actual dream I had recently, and I wanted to share it with you. To illustrate how serious unforgiveness and bitterness are. These are two things that can send people to hell. When it comes to love and hating others there is no gray area. You either love them or you hate them. Sometimes you can sit and work things out with others and sometimes there is no opportunity to do that. Maybe the other person does not want to talk about it, too triggered or wants nothing to do with you, maybe they already passed away, maybe the situation is too fresh, maybe you must get a third person involved to see both sides. The goal is not to change how the other person feels or justify your actions but to hear each other out and decide to accept what happen as a lesson and move past the experience that caused tension and confusion. If our emotions are not managed and controlled, they can get us into a lot of trouble.

You may not get the outcome you want, you may never get an apology, but you do need to be obedient when your father is tugging you to make efforts to eliminate the anger, unforgiveness and bitterness in your heart. When you do not listen to God’s spirit on the inside of you then you will always learn the hard way. If you do things in your own strength, “Your way” you will never receive the healing you desperately need. The soft but still voice that is telling you to do something you know you don’t want to do but need to do is God. I pray you talk to God now and ask him to show you where bitterness resides in your heart and figure out how it got there. Work with your father to discover what you can do today to get rid of it completely in your heart and your life. I highly suggest you start trusting your father and follow his lead because his plans are never to harm you.

Do not die bitter.

This message is not for everyone, but it is for someone.


I thank you Jesus for giving me insight to give my readers nourishment for their mind, body and soul. Rest kings and queens of the most high, soaking in the fact that God’s got us! You are Destined For Greater!

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Unanswered Questions Series -Part 3 -Direction: “What path do I take?”


What path do I take?

Have you ever sat back and wondered how you are suppose to get to where you want to be? Today I will share 3 points that will help you discover what path you should take for career and personal life! This tips have worked for me and I pray something you read inspires you to start your own journey today! 

Point #1 Praying & Identifying your options! 

You may notice that often I suggest in my blog posts to pray. Prayer is important because it is a form of communicating and spending time with your father. If having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ is a priority to you then you must pray. I personally like to pray when I go on walks by myself because I feel like I am walking and talking with Jesus.

Everyone’s relationship with the father will not look the same. You have to take the time to discover and determine how you display your love to your father. 

Through prayer and self-reflection you can identify your options. I suggest you get a pen and some paper and write down the following:

  1. What I like to do ….
  2. What I love do …..
  3. I am passionate about doing…

Once you create your list for every category, you will begin to narrow down what really catches your interest and what area you should put some more energy into discovering what could be your calling. Look into opportunities to explore that area of interest. Pray, during the process that God will lead and guide you along the way. When God will lead and guide you along the way. When God leads you and helps you along the way it is easier for you to keep going without outside distractions.

Point #2 Common Assumptions 

“ I have to take the path my parents took !”

You are allowed to take a different path simply because you’re a different person with different interests. In God’s eyes you are unique, create your own path. 

You have to know what you want at a early age !”

Some people do know exactly where they want to be. Some people have an idea of the path they want to take. Some people have no idea at all. What’s important is that you acknowledge where you currently are in life and accept it. Don’t feel pressured but enjoy the journey to discovery. 

“You can only be one thing in life !”

This statement is false. You can be multiple things at once, you don’t have to just wear one hat or be in just one specific career path if you don’t want to be. You can juggle multiple, you can specialize or you can change your mind mid way. You will never be able to reach your full potential if you never decide to take the limits off. What do I mean by “take the limits off”? 

Don’t limit what God can use you to do and don’t hinder your own growth by believing there is only one thing you can do well. God has blessed many of us with multiple gifts; you don’t have to be afraid to let your light shine. 

Follow God's lead

Point # 3 Allow God to order your steps

I would wonder as a child what people meant when they said, “Allow God to order your steps,” growing up in church. As an adult I know now what that actually looks like. It basically means don’t do things in your own strength, instead of telling God, “Hey, this is what I am going to do with my life and my pain.” Hand your life and your pain over to God and let him get the glory through you. I decided a few years ago I wanted to be a willing vessel for my father to use, I wanted to stop resisting and submit to his will and plan for my life. 

Once you submit and realize you don’t have to have it all figured out, you will find it is easier to follow God’s lead when you make up in your mind to trust him.

For a long time I lived in fear and I was afraid. I would worry and cry, the same routine but then I realized my method wasn’t working, nothing was changing. I started to pray more to my father and allow him to take control of my situation so that I can relieve the anxiety and stress I was experiencing in private. 

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 I thank you Jesus for giving me insight to give my readers nourishment for their mind, body and soul. Rest kings and queens of the most high, soaking in the fact that God’s got us! You are Destined For Greater!


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Your growing even if you don’t know it!

The other day I was brought back to a memory I had when I brought my first Aloe Vera plant. I left out of Walmart with the biggest smile on my face because aloe Vera plants are hard to find!  I wanted to start working on my own home made hair mask to help my hair grow using Aloe Vera juice from the plant. This plant was pretty small and the leaves were very small and fragile but I really wanted it. My Aloe Vera plant was my baby and I was going to help it grow big, beautiful and full of aloe Vera juice. 

It wasn’t till after I brought it that it occurred to me that I didn’t know how to take care of this type of plant properly. I decided to do some research and realized how special Aloe Vera plants are. They can’t be directly in the sun like other plants and you don’t water them as often. I started to ask myself if they don’t require what a typically plant requires…

Does that mean it will be harder for the Aloe Vera to grow? 

The answer is no, that doesn’t mean it’s harder for this type of plant to grow. This plant has a unique process that it must go through in order to flourish. To become the healthy and strong plant is is capable of being. To be able to give us all the rich juice and healing it has to offer us.

This plant reminds me of our growth in life as we are on our own individual journeys. Sometimes we convenience ourselves we aren’t making progress when we are. Appearances can be deceiving but time will tell how far you’ve come. 

God loves you and there is nothing you can do to ever change that! In my grandma voice, “Keep Growing Baby !” 


I thank you Jesus for giving me insight to give my readers nourishment for their mind, body and soul. Rest kings and queens of the most high, soaking in the fact that God’s got us! You are Destined For Greater!


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Unanswered Questions Series- Part 2-Discovery: “How do I become the person in my dreams?”

Personal Reflection 

There are so many things I wanted to be as a child. The world seemed so limitless because I knew that being the creative, outspoken book nerd with many gifts would get me somewhere someday. In my head  I could be anything I wanted to be and all I had to do was believe in myself and I would be fine. Based on the different opportunities life presented to me that I chose to take advantage of. I would wonder if I could be a great singer, a famous painter, and maybe a motivational speaker. I had this voice I never wanted anyone to tame and I had this fire that I would never let anyone put out. This flame I have gave me that internal and mental push  to reach my full potential. 


I believe the struggle most people have is converting their dreams of who they could be into reality. So that they become all that they are called to be and more. This idea of having a fulfilling life brings us to this unanswered question:

Draeming of Success

How do I become the person in my dreams?


Point #1: The person you envision yourself as and the person you are do not have to be two different people! 


In the personal reflection I mentioned in the beginning I saw myself as someone great with great accomplishments. Right now I have accomplishments but I am simply not where I want to be spiritually, mentally, emotional or physically. Just because you aren’t where you want to be doesn’t mean your dream can’t be your reality. You bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be by doing the work! 


You do the work by doing the following:



  • Pray about the way you envision yourself & your future – go before the lord and ask him what he thinks. If you have peace about what you are working towards and you believe God is on board then move to the next step

#2. Plan

  • Start the process of putting together a plan: business plan, project tracker that includes milestones  leading towards accomplishing your  goal

#3. Gather Resources

  •  Write down what resources you have and what resources you don’t have but need

#4. Research

  • Do lots of research :cost, long and short term benefits and disadvantages, location etc. 

#5. Deadlines

  • Hold yourself accountable with real deadlines: set a realistic time table and stick to it

#6. Support 

  • Determine who or what will be your motivation and support: family , friends, significant other, mentors etc.


  •  Believe in yourself and have faith! This comes through self-reflection and prayer. 


  •  Get it done! Execute your game plan! Take the leap of faith and get started!

As you do the work you will begin to realize that you are growing and walking in your purpose everyday. #1 Praying about your vision is a very important step because you want to make sure God is leading you and included in all your life decisions. Personally I have learned that acknowledging you need God and submitting to his will for your life will save you a lot of heartache and disappointment. God has your best interest in mind, always remember that.  


Proverbs 3:6 KJV

  • 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”


Point #2: Process your dreams through self-reflection.


When you have dreams, write them down. It’s not going to kill you. If you don’t like writing then you can record yourself talking and save it on your phone.  Processing your dreams by recording or writing them down will give you time to think and pray on it as well as self-reflect. 


It’s important to do this because you need to determine what may have influenced you to try to pursue this dream and make it a reality. Influences sometimes determine how dedicated we are to reaching a specific goal or remaining consistent on the project we are doing. 


Here is an example of processing your dreams through self-reflection below.


Dream: Write as many books as my heart desires that will help and inspire people through transparency and poetry! 


Goal: Becoming a published author! 


Influences behind this goal:

  • Passion for writing
  • The desire to share my work
  • Grow professionally in the writing industry 
  • Mold, mentor and motivate the next generation 
  • Creating a legacy for my future family 


Point #3  Personal and professional development!


When you think of becoming the person in your dreams what are you wearing? Do you like your current appearance and if not how can you find your style/look? How do you sound when others listen to you? Professionally- What impression do you leave on others? 

All these questions are important because they allow you to write down your thoughts and determine what areas of your life you need to work on. They also are important because they play a role in how your brand will be interpreted by your audience. 

Author Look

The picture above is how I found my look as a writer and author. I love a nice sophisticated dress, funky glasses, natural makeup and jewelry that stood out. This look works for me because I enjoy a more professional polished look but everyone isn’t the same. 


Find what works for you! 


I thank you Jesus for giving me insight to give my readers nourishment for their mind, body and soul. Rest kings and queens of the most high, soaking in the fact that God’s got us! You are Destined For Greater!



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Temporary Turmoil


Meditate on the scripture below and pay attention to the definitions of the words turmoil and temporary.  


Psalm 9:9-10 NIV

  • 9     The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.
  • 10  Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you


  •  a state of great commotion, confusion, or disturbance; tumult; agitation; disquiet:


  • lasting, existing, serving, or effective for a time only; not permanent



Dear Destined For Greater Community, 


I was led to write a letter to you all after talking to a close friend about some things I was going through and recent successes. At the end of the conversation, I told my  friend that I am starting to realize that my temporary turmoil was apart of the process, for me to get to where I am today. 


I am going to be very transparent with you. Towards the end of 2020 I felt like my life  was falling apart. Things seemed to be coming together and falling apart at the same time. I got married but I also was evicted, I was looking for full-time work and my husband lost his job to COVID, I had dental issues that cost money to fix, I kept failing my road test to get my drivers license. It seemed like one thing after another and I just couldn’t get a break. Nobody could tell what I was going through on the outside and I might have seemed fine but I wasn’t. Everything wasn’t okay! 


I prayed and cried out to God because the turmoil I was in was sucking every ounce of life out of me. In the midst of praying I asked God to give me a word that I could dwell on that would bring me some peace of mind and allow me to be reassured that everything was going to be alright. As I scanned through the bible I stumbled across 2 Timothy 2:3 that reads:Endure suffering along with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.” (New Living Translation) . This scripture reminded me that suffering and bad days will happen but this season is not permanent but temporary. 


I started to shift my focus from looking at the bricks that were falling down in my life  to working on using those bricks that fell to create a new stable foundation. This new foundation would not be moved when I found myself thrown into the wind again by life but would stand firm. When I shifted my focus I was able to publish my first book at 24 on Amazon Feb. 8th, 2021 during my employment transition. When I shifted my focus I was able to launch my blog and social media February 8th, 2021 during my employment transition.  When I shifted my focus I was able to pass my road test on Feb, 26th, 2021 during my employment transition. When I shifted my focus God blessed my husband with a job to take care of my dental bills and get us insurance during my employment transition (The procedure ended up being less money than we thought and I got an unexpected discount).When I shifted my focus I was able to use my driver’s license to pass a employment test and started to get job offers coming in March 6th, 2021. When I shifted my focus God used various people to bless me and my husband during our time of need. I can say with confidence and based on my own personal experience, “GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES!!!”

I say all this to say that if I had remained in a constant state of confusion and had not made the decision to seek God to get clarity on his direction for my life I wouldn’t have been able to endure and stand against the strong wind life threw at me. Trust me there is more to the story but I will save that for another time as God leads me to share. Life definitely sucks sometimes but I want God to tell me “Well done, my faithful servant” , when he thinks about how well I handled the tests that were thrown at me. The storms of life will come but we can make it! I had to actually tell myself this until I was convinced:  “I can make it because God is with me!” 


God is intentionally trying to get our attention and make us stronger, he is in control! I don’t know what any of you are going through, I pray for this community faithfully. I pray that God will give you wisdom and strength. Protecting you from harm seen and unseen. Hold on to God in every season and I promise he will never fail you or let you go, I’m a witness!  


Happy Sunday!

Author with Book

Link to get your copy of my NEW Book, “Know Your Poison: The Essence of Self-Reflection” : https://linktr.ee/MoveToday24

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I thank you Jesus for giving me insight to give my readers nourishment for their mind, body and soul. Rest kings and queens of the most high, soaking in the fact that God’s got us! You are Destined For Greater!

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Unanswered Questions Series- Part 1-Healing: “How long does it take to heal?”

How long does it take to heal ?


“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”  – C.S. Lewis 

I absolutely love this quote because it reminds us that healing is a process. It also reminds us  that how it has always been, does not have to be our story!

Point #1- Healings is not automatic, it’s a process!

We typically don’t give ourselves enough credit and enough time. Often our environment, religion and maybe people in our lives sometimes put unnecessary pressure on us to meet this deadline to heal. You have to take your own journey into your hands and decide with God what’s the best path to take when you start your journey to receive true healing. Healing isn’t just for you it’s for your future !

We need to ask ourselves, “What happens if I never heal from_____?”


Example below. 

Focus: Childhood Trauma 

Question: What happens if  I never heal from childhood trauma? 

Consequence: Pro-longed Abandonment and trust issues , unintentionally push away loved ones, uncontrolled emotions, depression, possible suicidal thoughts if not dealt with soon 


  • Please understand you can’t change friends, family, spouses, significant others or strangers.
  • Please understand you may never get that overdue apology and see changed behavior but that does not mean you can not find closure. 


Point #2- You have to have the desire to be healed to start the process!

Mark 10:51 NIV 

51 “What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked him.

The blind man said, “Rabbi,(D) I want to see.”

In the “ Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10: 46–52)” story in the bible there was a blind man begging who desperately desired to be healed from being blind. He was so desperate to receive healing that he did not care how many people told him to shut up when he attempted to get the attention of Jesus as he passed by. 

What always blows my mind about this story is: 

Mark 10:52 NIV 

“52 “Go,” said Jesus, “your faith has healed you.”(E) Immediately he received his sight and followed(F) Jesus along the road.”

Golden Insight :

Our faith is connected to our healing journey! 

This man had been dealing with the issue of impaired vision  for so long and wanted desperately to gain sight. It makes me personally wonder, how bad do we truly want to be healed? 

When the healing process gets ugly and God is showing us ourselves. He is showing us our reactions and how nasty we are because of our pain and bruises. To help us determine if we are truly ready to fix it?  Are we ready to change even if the people that hurt us never do? 

Are we going to let the opinions of others stop us  from getting what we need? 

When we start going on any journey towards greater and walking in our purpose we must understand that everyone is not going with us to the next level. Some of the people we love will remain where they have always been because they refuse to heal. Some people will only want to see you for the person you were when you were in pain.

That’s why once you heal your circle changes, your conversations change, how you interact with others changes. There are major and minor adjustments that take place in different areas of your life after being healed because you want to preserve what God is doing on the inside of you. 

Moving forward

Point#3- Moving forward is a personal choice!

“Unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”

– Steve Maraboli 

Sometimes it can feel impossible to move forward from certain situations and experiences. Whether it be your past, certain failed relationships, rejections from school or jobs, rejection  or abuse from  church and family etc. I totally understand and can relate but  my father tells me in Matthew 19:26  that all things are possible with him beside me and because his Holy Spirit dwells on the inside of me. All things being possible includes healing in all areas of our life: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. If  we know what our father says about our journey then we just have to ask ourselves, “Do I believe? “ 

The quote mentioned earlier by Steve Maraboli, nailed it!

  • We have to let go!
  • We  have to forgive ourselves & the situation 

Say it for the people in the back….  “It’s Over!” 

Often when we hurt we live that hurtful experience over and over in our heart and in our mind. We say to others, “I’m fine.,” “I’m over it.,” “ It doesn’t bother me anymore.” Behind close doors some of us can admit those responses are lies we tell ourselves and others just so we can function. When we repeatedly relive hurtful experiences we are torturing our bodies with pain when we don’t have to be in pain anymore. 

We hold onto that pain because we fear if we forgive and move on, it will happen again and destroy us while our guard is down. If we never move forward and heal we are choosing to live in fear and dwell in pain. 

 We will not operate in a spirit of fear, we will be healed in the name of Jesus. We will move forward because we are Destined For Greater!!


I am on a healing journey myself so just know if you reading this you are not alone. You are not the only one who struggles everyday with forgiveness, I do too.

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Bonus quotes to ponder: 

“If you are busy focusing on the falling bricks, you will never realize that they are truly stepping stones you need to cross over to the next phase of your life.”

– Kemi Sogunle

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Fear Will Cripple You

Story Time 

In middle school and in highschool I had this amazing mentor whose name was Ms. Jean! I love Ms. Jean because she is awesome at math and tutoring me, she would give up time out of her day to teach me at various restaurants in DC and treat me out to eat. Without her I didn’t know how I would have passed any of my math classes. She always looked over my homework to make sure everything was correct and I felt smarter with her around. When I graduated from highschool I was happy but I also experienced a few other emotions. I wanted Ms. Jean to come with me to college to help me with college level math but she told me it was time for me to find my way and she believed I would be fine without her tutoring me in college. 


I got comfortable with her being there and the thought of her not being there to make sure my work was correct made me nervous, afraid and worried.  I believed I would not be able to pass without her. I panicked when I failed the math placement test at my university and had to enroll in a remedial math course.


 In my remedial math class I became overwhelmed ,I had no patience, I didn’t take my time with the work. I was working full-time and didn’t take good enough notes to grasp all the concepts I should have understood before taking exams. My stress level was at an all time high and I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to pass remedial math without Ms. Jean. My fear was crippling me in this moment from doing my best in this class. I failed my remedial math classes and ended up taking it a second time and quit my full-time job. The second time I took remedial math, I passed. 

Fear causes mental damage. Leaving a once whole person now crippled. Where does fear typically come from? What does fear do to our life? How do we get rid of fear? I aim to answer all these questions in my blog post today. 


A few emotions connected to fear:

  1. Worried
  2. Overwhelmed 
  3. Nervous 
  4. Sad
  5. Afraid 


“Replace your FEAR with FAITH”

– Porchia Suber 


Fear comes from the devil (Read-2 Timothy 1:7). We know this because in God’s word he tells us that he doesn’t give us the spirit of fear. God does not want us to fear but have faith in him and his ability to help us and provide all of our needs. Fear typically also comes from doubts and various emotions that you may experience all at once. Some of those emotions can be worried, overwhelmed, nervous, sad and afraid. Certain life situations may make us feel that our fears are justified! 


Unfortunately those justified fears that you are holding on to are not helping you but crippling you! 


I personally believe letting go of fear and replacing it with faith is possible for everyone to do but it is your choice!  Do you want to live in fear or do you want to walk in your purpose experiencing all the joy, love and peace God has for you? The choice should be easy, because no one wants to be miserable. No one wants to live a life without love and a life that is unfulfilling. 


I know you’re afraid but your blessing is connected to you stepping out on faith! Take God’s hand and take a leap of faith! Keep moving and praying while you feel worried, overwhelmed, nervous, sad and afraid. With every step you take in the right direction God is going to help you get through all those emotions and in the end you will be glad you stayed the course.   


Isaiah 41:13 NIV

For I am the Lord your God  who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.



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Hello Chapter 25

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” -Frederick Douglass

Today is my last day being 24 years old. I was Born February 13th, and tomorrow is my 25th birthday so to celebrate I wanted to share with you a few things I have learned. 

5 Things I Learned from 18-24 Years old

1.Create your own path!

  •   Don’t ever feel limited. You don’t have to do things how they have always been done. 

2. Eliminate “Save Me” mentality!

  • No one is coming to get you out of your mess or to make your life drastically better. Let me explain, sometimes we allow our experiences, lack of support, toxic relationships to distract us from what we really should be doing.
  • There are no super women or super man in the world. Lean solely on God. Why? God is dependable. 

3. Be PATIENT, there is a reason for the wait. 

  • Patience is a area that you don’t want to lack in. Accept the delay as time for you to work on something else, rest or get closer to God. Sometimes we aren’t ready for what we think we want right now. Be careful for what you ask for.

4. Faith Maintenance is a MUST

  • Read-Hebrews 11:6 . Faith is apart of your spiritual armor, if you don’t have it or are lacking it you need to check yourself. Go to your quiet place and spend more time with God to restore the faith you are lacking.  
  • Sometimes certain life circumstances can allow us to feel that we were robbed of our faith but we can’t allow that to happen. Don’t let anything, anyone, or any experience  separate you from the love of God. 

5. Always Pray!

  • Pray about everything you do, every relationship, friendship, community your apart of etc. Sometimes God is trying to get our attention but we refuse to make time for him. We need to be able to hear God and be guided by him. 


I recently learned through prayer that I was my biggest hindrance for the longest time. 

Short Story time:

The book I recently launched. I wrote that book in high school. I got it copyrighted and did a photoshoot on my 21st birthday for the book (keep in mind I turn 25 tomorrow, I withheld the book for over 4 years) . I had everything I needed to launch the book a long time ago but I never did it.

Apart of me wants to believe I was waiting for a certain level of support. I kept allowing life and people to discourage me from walking in my purpose. God had to take me back to a place I never wanted to go back to in order to wake me up. He gave me this assignment a long time ago and I was disobedient but I finally surrendered.

I finally let my will for myself die and submitted to Gods will for my life. I submit to Gods timeline not mine. The moment I submitted, God blessed my husband with the resources we needed to properly promote and market the book. This is just my way of letting you know when God tells you to move you need to move period.  


ig picture for bdadfy

Porchia Suber is Bold and Beautiful. 

Dear God, 

Thank you for pushing me in 2020. Thank you for sharpening me with everything I have been through. I have learned so many lessons. I aim to make you proud and grow closer to you everyday. Anything that is not like you please bring it to my attention so I can quickly correct it. I still struggle with forgiveness, moving on from my past and staying focus but I know your strength is made perfect in my weakness. I know you are are able to heal the parts of me that feel broken. No matter how I may feel I know I am not broken beyond repair because I have you as my father. You know exactly what I have need of in this season of my life. I trust that you will provide for me and my husband and meet every last one of our needs. 

If you don’t do anything else for little ole me then I won’t worry because honestly father you have done enough. I am grateful for life, health and strength. In Jesus name we pray. 


Porchia Suber sign

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Bible Verses About Faith: Uplifting Scripture To Give Hope In Hard Times

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Relentless is defined as persistent and unyielding. If you google the word unyielding it is defined as not giving way to pressure; hard or solid. The question I ask you today is:

Will you be swayed to fold under pressure or will you hold upright posture and stand as the relentless individual you are? 

I pray that you are encouraged and inspired from the words of this poem. 

mouthain top

Poem Title: “Relentless” 


Relentless, nothing can stop you

You go from good to great to unstoppable

You accomplish every goal 

Overcome every obstacle, 

That was designed to block and stop you 


Relentless, nothing can stop you 

Because your mind is made up


You are sensitive to the voice of God 

You desire nothing more than to

Walk daily in your purpose 


Your confidence is radiant 

Your smile is beautiful, 

Others can feel your presence

As it exudes positive vibes only 


You are the definition of 

An everlasting peaceful bliss 

through the perfect life storm 


Your head is never hung low, 

In any season your lips speak life 

Your words are positive 

Your eyes never wonder

Which direction you should go


This is because you lean not 

To your own understanding


You pray for guidance and refuse 

To walk in the footsteps of others 

Instead you create your own path 


Realizing we all have two feet, but not

Everyone will continue to walk 

When everything in your life tells 

You not give up 


Relentless, nothing can stop you 

Being relentless requires you to 

Understand that you are strong

Even when you are weak you are strong 

Because God’s grace is sufficient for you, 

God’s strength is made perfect in weakness 


Being a relentless

Requires unshakable faith but it is a choice 

One must make everyday 


You are  Relentless! You are Fierce! You are Bold! You are Strong! You are Beautiful/ Handsome! You must take time everyday to speak life to yourself. This poem spoke of a relentless individual. Imagine walking down the street and something good just happened to you. You are smiling, grinning ear to ear, head held high, your faith in God is your guide and your confidence is radiant. Maybe you got a new job or maybe you just became debt free, you finally cleaned up the house or just completed your childhood trauma healing journey. Don’t you want to be that relentless individual full of joy and unspeakable peace walking down the street enjoying another day you’re alive? Utter Chaos may surround you but God is able to give you peace through the process. 

The beautiful thing about life is that although we may feel alone at times we don’t have to be alone. People walk in and out of your life everyday but God will always be there for you! 

Porchia Suber sign

I thank you Jesus for giving me insight to give my readers nourishment for their mind, body and soul. Rest kings and queens of the most high, soaking in the fact that God’s got us! You are Destined For Greater!

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Definition of Relentless

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You have Options!

Blog  Post Inspiration:

“Everyone has a covering. Some cover you with an umbrella while others cover you with a roof. The umbrella covering is controlling and manipulative; it only covers you as long as you move at their will and in their direction! The roof allows you the freedom to grow, develop, and be your authentic self, mess up, or even break down without fear of being exposed!”

Keionna Singleton  (Instagram: @keionnadavon) 

Nature Path

Can I be transparent, Destined For Greater Family? 

2020 was a rollercoaster for me emotionally! When I look at the quote above it reminds me of my childhood, past relationships, friendships, jobs  (not all of them but a good handful of them) etc. There was always that somebody with the umbrella in my life. From the surface it seemed safe under their covering but eventually they would take it away. I would be left feeling stuck, blindsided and bitter. I believe I desperately craved, majority of my life to find somewhere I could call “Home” and I looked for that home in relationships, friendships, living with other people because I felt rejected, unsupported and unprotected from my blood family.

At one point this year I was faced with the decision to :

Option #1

Continue to create unhealthy bonds, continue being depressed and bitter. Continue to ignore the call on my life and keep experiencing people snatching their umbrella from over my head…


Option #2:

 Allow my father in heaven Jesus Christ to create a roof. A permanent covering over my head and life without worrying about if he will change his mind because he promised me in his word that he would never leave me nor forsake me (Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV). In addition to allowing  my husband to cover me and a few close friends that love and support the journey I’m on . 

Your assumption was correct, I picked Option #2 ! Trust me, I would not be talking to you today if I had not made a decision in 2020 to let my father provide a roof for me. Trusting and having faith in my heavenly father is what got me where I am today. I also had God’s grace and mercy. I’m going to keep it real with you, even though I thought at one point in my life God left me because of how alone I felt, I have come to realize my father never left me! 

Our father desires nothing but the best for us and wants us to use our experiences and pain as a testimony to all his children.Destined For Greater, was originally birthed from God personally saving my life when I wanted to take my own life.  My father reached all the way at the bottom of the barrel to lift me up, even after I pushed him away, rejected his love and became ashamed of him. My father still chose me even when I didn’t choose him!  

I want my readers to know you have options! You’re never as stuck as you think you are! You can allow God to use what you’re hiding from to bring his kingdom glory  or you can remain in a dysfunctional state. 


 I am thankful today God gives us the power of choice! My favorite parable is the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Check out Luke 10:25-37). I learned as I got older that I do not have to be like the people that held umbrellas over my head, I can choose to be a roof for the people I cross paths with  in my life even if it’s just for a season with God’s help. 

Porchia Suber sign

I thank you Jesus for giving me insight to give my readers nourishment for their mind, body and soul. Rest kings and queens of the most high, soaking in the fact that God’s got us!


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It won’t be easy !


I was inspired the other night during intimate time with God to write this poem after struggling creatively for a while now. As I encourage myself I encourage my Destined For Greater Family! 

Poem Title: “It won’t be easy!” 

Who told you it would be easy?

Carrying a cross as a believer  can sometimes get heavy

But it is definitely not easy 


It is not popular 

It is even harder,  when your broke


Not one cent to your name

Not one job will callback 


When it seems like there is no hope 

Faith is what will keep your head up


Get your jacked up posture in tact!


Who told you it would be easy? 


Trusting someone you don’t see isn’t easy 

Allowing your will to die to serve the fathers 

Is not easy 


It is not easy because  our flesh says,  

I want my way 

I don’t want to pray today 

I don’t want to fast today 

I don’t want to grow today 

I don’t want to do right today 

I can’t forgive today 

I can’t be mature today 

I can’t encourage someone today 

I can’t read the word today 

I can’t give my time today 

I can’t be the better person today 

I want my name to be great 

But we can’t receive the promise 

If we don’t  do it his way 


Who told you it would be easy? 

It will never be easy 

You may know a lot about him and still doubt him 


What makes serving the father worth it? 

Knowing that God sees everything 

Knowing that God’s love never fails 

He loves all of his creation 

He wants to know if you will still 

Be consistent if you never 

Receive another blessing 


Will you be grateful & thankful 

For what you have 

Or be focused on what you desire so bad 

You miss the opportunity to be 

A good steward 


It will never be easy. 

Who told you it would be easy?


I thank you Jesus for giving me insight to give my readers nourishment for their mind, body and soul. Rest kings and queens of the most high, soaking in the fact that God’s got us! You are Destined For Greater!

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Everything is falling into place

Blog Post Inspiration: 

“Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place.” –

Fritz Chery 

We may think that our situation has the potential to destroy us but this season could be the thing  that pushes us closer to walking in our purpose!

Let me give you an example. I am the type of person who loves to stay busy, I sometimes over work myself and don’t know when to stop and slow down. In 2020 there were two different occasions where I was unemployed.  

I hate being unemployed, I love working! I enjoy having my own money and being able to take care of my needs. During those two seasons of unemployment it was almost a blessing in disguise because I was able to think, come up with creative ideas, work on my health, work on a few projects. It’s not that I didn’t need money, I did. Those seasons of unemployment for a person who likes to work all the time gave me a moment to rediscover myself. Although from the outside I was struggling, on the inside unemployment also allowed me to become more intimate with God while applying for jobs. My faith is what gave me the strength to keep applying for jobs after getting rejection after rejection. My faith is what reminded me that what I was experiencing now was only temporary. 

Those 2 seasons helped me to  learn how to trust God. I was raised in the church and I can be honest and say I didn’t know how to trust God! I started to learn how to trust God after asking God to show me how to trust him. Reading his word, spending time with him while being afflicted in my lowest moments helped me learn how to. 

 I trusted God while filing for unemployment for the first time in my life in 2020, I trusted God when I got denied assistance. What helped was realizing although from the outside things looked as though they were falling apart they were actually falling into place. 

You can read the bible like everyone else. You can hear all types of bible stories, pray out loud till your voice cracks and still not believe God can turn it around. 

Believing has and always will be a choice. I personally believe that once you have had a changed mind then your heart will follow and so will your thoughts. I personally had to go through a storm and hit rock bottom with no one to call for me to realize God existed and I needed him. 

I have good news for my thriving family! 

Philippians 1:29 

“For you have been given not only the privilege of trusting in Christ but also the privilege of suffering for him.”

Romans 5:3

“And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience;”

Proverbs 19:21 

“Many Plans are in a man’s heart, but the purpose of the LORD will prevail.”

Jeremiah 29:11 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “ plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

God has a plan whether you believe it or not! God wants the best for you, have faith today with me! Understand, it’s all falling into place!

I thank you Jesus for giving me insight to give my readers nourishment for their mind, body and soul. Rest kings and queens of the most high, soaking in the fact that God’s got us! You are Destined for Greater! 

Porchia Suber sign

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Shift Your Attention

“They Can’t Hold You Back Without Your Permission.”

Trent Shelton -YouTube Video: “Watch this if you have haters”


It is  very easy to give others permission to hold us back.This is a fact  because most of us have no control over our thoughts or emotions, I know for a long time I didn’t. If someone says something about me or someone I love that is not true, I would instantly get offended, be sensitive and emotional wreck. Quick and ready to defend myself and the person I love.  All of which makes me human but what if I told you there is a better way for us to react!  

Would you believe me if I told you that it is possible for us to have peace in the midst of being attacked?  

Time to break it down, this is what we know:

  1. People are going to say what they want to say 
  2. People do what they want to do 
  3. People believe what they want to believe 
  4. People don’t always consider how you feel 

If we know the 4 things listed above apply to all humans regardless of their spiritual beliefs, then why do we give people who do so little for us power to control our emotions, thoughts and our life? Even if you try to explain to people that how they view us is not who we are, guess what? They will not change their opinion of us because,  #3 “ People believe what they want to believe.” 

When someone says something that is not true about us, that shouldn’t change our mood or what we had planned to do that day.

Here are steps to take to ensure that the negativity around us doesn’t affect us. We can intentionally disregard the negativity around us by shifting our attention to who we are and where we are headed because that is all that matters. 

We can have peace in the midst of being personally attacked because..

  1. We know who you are and what you bring to the table
  2. We know our struggles and understand that our past does not define us
  3. We know what God thinks of us (Jeremiah 29:11., 1 Peter 2:9.)
  4. We know that your eyes are fixed forward 

As we shift our attention from our negative environment in order to protect our peace. Remember this quick motto to remind yourself:

“If you can’t build others up, shut up.” -Porchia Suber 

What does the bible say?

Ephesians 4:29 ESV

“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”

We don’t need to gossip, clap back or talk down about the person that attacked us . We will hold our tongue, pray for them, continue forward and maintain our peace. If we make a decision to do what they do then we are no better than our attackers. 

We refuse to give anyone permission to hold us back, steal our joy or rob us of our peace. We thrive today by understanding the control we have over our emotions, thoughts and how we react to negativity. 

No one can hold you back but yourself,  it’s your time! 

I thank God for giving me insight to give my readers nourishment for their mind, body and soul. Rest kings and queens of the most high, soaking in the fact that God’s got us!

I want to thank you for joining my journey as I walk in my purpose everyday by encouraging people all around the globe. You may have noticed I say “We” a lot in my post, I say it because “We” are in this journey called life together. My favorite african proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Porchia Suber sign


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I thank you Jesus for giving me insight to give my readers nourishment for their mind, body and soul. Rest kings and queens of the most high, soaking in the fact that God’s got us! You are Destined for Greater! 

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An Overflow Of The Heart

Blog Post Inspiration:

So often, I think we try to avoid regret–all the “should haves”–because we don’t want to be in that pain. Many times that is the best route. Sometimes, however, God wants us to revisit some areas, because they are still affecting us. 

We may need to recall them to mind and process them so He can heal us and teach us valuable lessons, vital to our walk today.”

Excerpt by: Belah Rose

Book: Delight Your Husband: Make Him Crazy About You! 


The Importance of Self-Reflection

Self-Reflection Defined 

Word: Self-Reflection 

Definition:  “The activity of thinking about your own feelings and behavior, and the reasons that may lie behind them.” (Cambridge Dictionary)

It is important to self-reflect because we may be unaware of our own destructive habits. A destructive habit could be something as simple as turning down every compliment that is given with an attitude because of our lack of confidence in ourselves. 

Turning down those compliments with an attitude by saying, “You’re just trying to be nice, stop it.” “ Oh, whatever, I’m not beautiful.” could be your way of telling others I’m uncomfortable in my own skin and I don’t want anyone else to see me as anything more than just a normal person. That person in this example truly believes that they aren’t special and that they aren’t beautiful. 

This example should make you wonder. Where did those insecurities originate from? This person may have gone through an experience that caused them to see themselves differently. 


The Mouth Speaks From The Overflow Of The Heart 

The bible says in Luke 6:45 CSB “ A good person produces good out of the good stored up in his heart. An evil person produces evil out of the evil stored up in his heart, for his mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart.” This scripture is very clear that if something is going on in our hearts we will tell on ourselves eventually because your heart can only take but so much until it overflows no matter how strong we think we are. When the overflow happens everyone will be able to see what’s really going on in our heart and sometimes that’s when we lose control of our emotions, say anything out of our mouth and break down mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically too. 


Protect Your Heart At All Cost 

Proverbs 4:23

“Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” Check out Proverbs 4 20-27. You will learn that in order to guard your heart you must fill it with God’s word. When our life is full of God’s truth and love then life will flow from our hearts.” 

“You thought you were over it but in actuality you have been stagnant this entire time, you just didn’t know it.”

-Porchia Suber 

Self-reflection is crucial to our personal growth and personal wellness. We must have a desire to put in the work to eliminate destructive habits and create healthy ones. Self-reflection presents the opportunity for us to self-examine why we do what we do. As a result of us taking time to work on ourselves we will improve all other relationships in our life because we started with ourselves first. Your Improving your relationships in your life because you are aware of your triggers, you know when to leave a room, how to speak to people, what you say with your words that can hurt others etc. 

Self-reflection is essential when we speak of our healing journeys. It can be so hard to go back and think about hurtful, painful memories, I am speaking from experience. It sucks because all you want to do is move forward with your life. 

In order to move forward sometimes you have to revisit the past to see what valuable lessons were to be learned from that storm. Self-reflection presents a teaching moment with our father because sometimes when we don’t listen and don’t take that time to reflect we will end up in a cycle of constantly repeating history. 

Wondering why in our mind we have moved forward but our heart is still playing that sad tune and our feet have remained stagnant. 


© Copyright  since 2021 Porchia Suber-Destined For Greater 

I thank you Jesus for giving me insight to give my readers nourishment for their mind, body and soul. Rest kings and queens of the most high, soaking in the fact that God’s got us! You are Destined for Greater! 

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